Transforming your
business value chain!

Flowmate Workflow
Automation Solution

Transforming your business value chain!

The business world is no same as 20 years ago. The VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambigous) effect is rising day by day & organizations ought to characterize solid IT & business strategies to outlive & thrive in this competitive environment. Today's digital scenario is continually urging organizations to adopt the change and challenges them for constant innovations.

Industrialized manufacturing stipulates businesses to acquire the right technology for becoming more stable, predictable, routined with well-defined objectives. For achieving these goals businesses must consider their wide range of workflows, their non-linear interactions and must be agile enough to adapt to this dynamic business environment. The seamless automation of these workflows is the key to unlock the future growth of organizations.

Nitor Infotech's 'FlowMate' workflow automation solution focuses on business automation, minimization of repetitive tasks, and multi-step business rules. Our Workflows solution framework benefits the better implementation of business processes, fewer human errors & improves organization-wide productivity.

Features of FlowMate

Easy to use interface

With an easy user interface, attain user acceptance with a facility of 24*7 access

Better Scalability

Earn expanded workflows, user& data management, and resolved complexities

Integration friendly

Achieve effective interfacing of your workflow by instant API integrations

Real-time analysis

Get customizable metrics by keeping the users aware of the respective workflow process stages

Consistent user experience

Provide a consistent and transparent user experience with reusable, standardized workflows

Read more about how one of the market-leading tier-1 automotive component group centralized, re-engineered and automated their invoice processing through FlowMate, and thereby improving the overall productivity, efficiency, and transparency

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Core Capabilities

Automate Workflows

FlowMate offers seamless blending of business processes resulting in smooth, transparent, easily configurable and automated workflows

Process Mapping

FlowMate uses Process Mapping that enables users to gain more visibility to the functioning of business operations and other departments

KPI Reports

With FlowMate users can generates KPI based reports to track critical performance-based information. It enables organizations and its stakeholders for better understanding of business track, thus taking appropriate actions accordingly

Automate Decisions

Automate the business decisions using FlowMate and improve customer experience by making intelligent operational decisions. It makes business processes agile enough to easily adapt to the changing business environment

SLA Status Indicator

FlowMate's SLA Status Indicators allows admin users to define SLA's using its user-friendly dashboard for timely complete priority tasks to avoid bottlenecks

Easy integration with other applications

FlowMate architects a robust and scalabe system to ensure easy interaction with other systems and seamless data exchange


FlowMate is a powerful workflow automation platform that provides solutions across various organizational workflows

Project Planning & Monitoring

Product Planning

Demand and Supply

Sales Process - Lead to Deal

Marketing Automation

Procurement Process

Customer Service

HR Process - Employee Onboarding to Retention

Finance Process - Claims & Reimbursement

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